Half asleep and half baked!

Branding, functioning and sliding along the laminate floor of the world of digital media in big wooly socks.

I recently moved back to my Scottish homeland and am settling nicely in my new home on the shore of Gareloch on the beautiful Scottish west coast with its wild submarines in the deep loch and the heilin coo coffee table coasters. The land of the clashing brands.

The transition has seen me take a bit of a rest too; if we can call decorating, gardening, stream maintenance, woodland maintenance and general handyman exploits “a bit of a rest”.

However, I made a start on my website some months ago and things just take over so, as I was not particularly looking for any new clients, the site tumbled down the ‘ToDo’ list until it finally stumbled to a halt somewhere below basecamp.

I am now back working on it. A couple of enquiries exposed the futility of a half-baked site so I am now in the process of furnishing it with assorted loveliness. Please bear with me and feel free to contact me if you feel I am in any fit state to help with your campaigns.

Image taken on Smartphone from Peaton Hill overlooking Gareloch to the left, Loch Long to the right and Kilgreggan ahead, with a view all the way down the Firth of Clyde ‘doon the wahter’